Marketing to a Specific Niche – Doing Keyword Research to Make More Money

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers make on the Internet would be not doing keyword research and not truly understanding what their market is looking for on the Internet. Before you can begin to market effectively to them you have to know what they are looking for. This can be done very simply through the technology of keyword research. If you haven’t heard of a keyword research tool that’s fine.

The good news is that Google actually provides one for free at their website and it is the exact one that I use when I want to do some keyword research myself. Of course there are other ways to go around this and other paid methods but using that free tool may be your best way to get some juicy keywords that your market is searching up on the Internet every single day that you can begin to write articles around, blogs, or even do some pay per click advertising. It all depends what’s in your budget and what you’re willing to spend. If you want to go the free way or if you want to go the paid way.

Either way you’re going to make significant progress with your marketing efforts. The first time I heard of keyword research it really did sound very hard to me.

But the truth is that every niche has a selected amount of keywords that may not be too competitive that you can begin to target. As you target those keywords you will thus start attracting the right type of people to your website who are ready to buy. And of course once they spend money you are making money. Just take some time out to sit and do some keyword research effectively then you should see more sales coming in as long as you continue to promote every day.

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Learn More About the Science of Leadership – A Book Review

Tell me something, are you tired of reading the same old thing in every single book you buy on business leadership? If so, I’d like to recommend one of the coolest books I’ve ever read on the topic. It’s one that makes you think and it is perfect for the more intellectual type. The name of the book is;

“Leadership and the New Science – Learning about Organization from an Ordinary Universe” by Margaret J. Wheatley, 1994.

This is by far one of the most interesting books I’ve read on leadership, as Margaret draws the comparison using chaos theory, quantum mechanics, structure of atoms, mathematical fractals, and our solar system and universe to explain organizational behavior, and how one should go about leadership. Seriously, this is a cool book that brings out an excellent philosophical debate on what leadership is and how it will work best.

Margaret goes into all kinds of self organizing systems in chemistry, astronomy, patterns, and even natural cycles in Mother Nature, and she compares all this to leadership in business. And then she asked a dubious question why are organizations having problems?

Indeed when I read this book I thought of other patterns in nature such as the patterns of erosion, clouds, Ion attraction, gravity, and even the patterns we see in ancient art. All of these analogies can be used along with Margaret’s concept of business leadership.

If you think about it, she’s right, and even birds, plants, animal markings, particles, civilizations, everything from the organization of matter, to the makeup of DNA; and from the tiny little atoms to the entire universe there are management structures and hierarchies, just like in business. Indeed, there is a pecking order with animals, and humans in society and government.

Many of these things are quite complex but they work. And from this we can draw conclusions of how best to organize our businesses and what a leader’s role really is. Indeed, I think you’ll like this book I enjoyed it very much and it sits in my business library. I hope you will consider getting a copy for yourself.


Secrets to Renting Homes Faster For More Money & Less Stress – Your Mental Health (7th in a Series)

One of the most powerful techniques you can use to rent houses fast for more money is also a technique that will keep the house rented longer and preserve your sanity.

Never Argue. And find out what the real issues are.

That’s It? How Ridiculous! If I don’t argue they will take me for all I have.

Not really. We are not suggesting you do everything or even anything the tenants, or prospective tenants, ask. We are saying do not get into an argument with them. Let’s start at the beginning.

When you are discussing or showing property and they say it is too small, or too beige, you may feel the need to demonstrate your persuasive powers by showing the tenant or prospects they are wrong. Modern social scientists have found that it simply doesn’t work. And we are not saying that you have to believe them, just do not argue.

Again current research has found there are a number of reasons for the words that come out of the prospect’s or tenant’s mouth. Rather than argue, we suggest you use a technique we call the “Echo.” Simply repeat what they have said with a rising inflection at the end of the sentence. They say, “too small.” You say “too small?” Look serious and shut up.

They will most likely explain what it is they mean. Too small may not necessarily be a bad thing. It may be too small for the in-laws to move in for the winter. But use the echo and follow up with other questions so you find out what they really mean.

Now you have information you can deal with. Maybe they need another of one of your house. But, if you do not argue to make them wrong, they may be able to justify a way for that house to work after all.

Once they are living there, the same thing is true. Never Argue.

The tenant calls to tell you the wall in the garage where the circuit breaker box is located is hot. Bad answer is “It is not.” That can only lead to elevated blood pressure and set the stage for further conflict.

Better answer, but not the best, is to tell them it is the south wall, there is no air conditioning in the garage, and after a full day of rolling round heaven all day, the Florida sun leaves all non air conditioned walls “hot” inside of the house as well as out.

The best answer is to check to see if there is In fact a problem in the breaker box and then discover at the same time they do, that the hot wall is a result of the sun and not a bad electrical circuit.

My uncle worked for the government agency that built dams in the western United States and one day got an irate call from a woman who stated that since they started generating electricity with the dams, she could hear water falling when she turned on her radio.

Rather than telling her she was an idiot with a strong imagination, they sent a supervisor out to her house to install a “filter” in the power line to eliminate the water falling noise. She noticed the improvement immediately and thanked them and never complained again.

o You have the choice. You can be right and show tenants how right you are. Or, you can be happy.


Tips For Writing a Newspaper Article – 5 Powerful Ways to Make Your News Articles More Impacting

As a journalist, you must understand the importance of producing great, impacting news articles. As you’re competing against a lot of journalists, you must put your foot down and start thinking about things that you can do to make sure that your articles will stand out from the crowd. These powerful ways can help you do just that:

1. Be very careful when choosing your news stories. As much as possible, target those stories that are extremely interesting to your target readers. They must be recent and newsworthy.

2. Target different angles. Dig deeper when writing about a specific story. Don’t write it the same way your competitors would. To set your articles apart from the rest, explore different angles that will make your stories more attention-grabbing.

3. Research your stories thoroughly. Don’t start writing your news articles until you get all the information you need. Interview as many people as possible and make sure that you get all the sides of your story.

4. Make your articles interesting to read. Present the information that you have gathered in such a way that you’ll be able to hold the attention of your readers. I suggest that you deliver the most important information first and just present supporting data on the later part.

5. Keep it short. You cannot afford to beat around the bush when writing news articles as your publishers would surely want to save some precious space. Be straightforward and tell your readers your story as concise and as brief as possible. Also, use common terms to effectively educate your readers.


Can I File Bankruptcy More Than Once?

The short answer to this question is yes. The facts of filing more than once can become very complex. Here is an idea of how it might work.

In reality, you can file bankruptcy as often as you like, but the results will differ. You really need a thorough understanding of the bankruptcy laws if you intend to apply them for multiple filings. We’ll try, however, to put together an overview here.

A Chapter 7 filing can be obtained every 8 years from a previous Chapter 7 filing and on the 6th year from a previous Chapter 13 filing. Chapter 13 can be filed every two years from a previous Chapter 13 filing and on the 4th year from a previous Chapter 7 filing. The date of discharge does not actually affect your ability to qualify for a bankruptcy filing, but the type of bankruptcy you have previously filed and the time period designations of the filings will have an impact on your ability to qualify for bankruptcy.

The best financial advice is to avoid bankruptcy. It is not some sort of secret tool you can employ to your benefit whenever you feel the need. Bankruptcy should always be a course of last resort whether t is filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. For individuals and business people who have hit serious hard financial times, a bankruptcy can give them the time and opportunity to get their financial house in order. Apart from that, bankruptcy is not a wise decision.

A bankruptcy leaves a stain on your credit record for ten years. Imagine what a mess your credit report might be with multiple bankruptcies. Many lenders and other institutions dependent on credit scores will not even think about considering you for the entirety of the ten-year period that your credit is marked with bankruptcy. This can make it impossible to secure a mortgage or even a lease for renting an apartment. You probably won’t be driving a late model car for a while, unless you can pay for it in cash. Leasing office space and business equipment will become a major problem if you run your own company. The list of difficulties incurred because of bankruptcy goes on and on.

If you needed to ask this question, about how many times you can file bankruptcy, you might want to consider your financial strategy. Perhaps you need someone to give you guidance on how to work with a household budget or how to finance your business operations. The idea of filing bankruptcy even once should be a far cry from your money management considerations, much less filing numerous times.